DIY Jockey Box! (Beer Tap/cooler): 7 StepsDIY Jockey Box! (Beer Tap/cooler) Step 1: Assemble Parts and Yer Tools! 5 More Images. Step 2: Drill Out the Cooler for the Tap. 3 More Images. Step 3: Drill Out the Cooler for the Inlet. Step 4: Form the Coil. Step 5: Quick Dry Run and Coil End Shaping. Step 6: Fitting and Sealing It All Together. Step 7: Leak Testing


DIY Jockey Box | Homebrewing Learn Center - Homebrew Supply — Insert the Steel Coil - Insert the coil(s) into the cooler. Attach the beer line to the barb on the shank, and one end of the coil. Use hose clamps to tighten the liquid line into place on both ends. Next the other section of liquid line from the back of the cooler and attach it to the other end of the coil.


DIY: Build a Jockey Box - The Hop + Grain Brew Store — A jockey box is a great way to dispense drinks for a party. They're cheap and so easy to build, require no power or refrigeration and are easy and compact to