Stapleton International Airport - WikipediaStapleton International Airport was the primary airport serving Denver, Colorado, United States . The runways at Stapleton were then marked with large yellow "X "s, which indicated it was no longer legal or safe for any aircraft to land there.


Photos, Video: Step Inside The Old Stapleton Airport Tower | CPR — Apr 12, 2017 Since then, the control tower has sat empty. Retired air traffic Coulter hadn't been inside the tower since it closed — until now. Retired air traffic A view of Denver from the old Stapleton airport control tower. (Nathaniel 


Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields: Colorado: Northeastern Denver — Denver Municipal Airport / Stapleton International Airport (revised 7/31/18) - Lowry Wilson's former airfield, now Hayden Field, was used to train students from D.U. . the airport in the 1940s & it was the largest private airport in the U.S. then.


Transformation: Repurposing the Old Stapleton Airport Tower — Apr 9, 2018 When the new Denver International Airport was under construction in the early 1990s, plans were already under way on what to do with Stapleton Airport “ While the tower is now surrounded on all sides by new homes and to accommodate the new design and then mounting them back on the building.